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Temporary Changes to Benefits Administration

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regulatory guidance has been issued to provide relief to employees and qualified beneficiaries in certain situations. This relief includes an extended deadline to make benefit elections for some qualifying events, an extension for providing supporting documentation and other relaxed requirements. Please see below for more details.


Qualified beneficiaries now have an extended COBRA election period. If you or an eligible family member is eligible for COBRA continuation coverage and have missed the deadline to make elections, elections must be made by calling PayFlex at 1-800-359-3921.

Relaxed rules regarding COBRA premium payment also apply. If you or an eligible family member have missed the deadline for payment of COBRA premiums, please call PayFlex at the number above to discuss how to make your premium payment(s).

Health Flexible Spending Accounts

The deadline to substantiate your 2022 Full-Purpose or Limited-Purpose Health FSA has been extended beyond the regular May 31, 2023 deadline. This means that you can still submit for reimbursement your substantiated Health FSA claims that you incurred in 2022. Further communication as to when the extended deadline will end will be provided through Payflex.

HIPAA Special Enrollment Rights Qualifying Events

Employees who have experienced a covered qualifying event since March 1, 2021 and have missed their enrollment period or failed to timely submit documentation may be permitted to elect Health Plan coverage only.

  • The types of qualifying events covered may include, birth, adoption, placement for adoption, marriage, and/or loss of healthcare coverage.
  • The effective date of coverage will be the date of the event or the enrollment date, depending on the event type. The employee will be responsible for the change in benefit premiums beginning with the effective date of coverage.

Other Enrollment Events

The following enrollment events are not included with this relief: initial enrollment (such as, new hire, rehire, or newly eligible), changes to any other elective or non-elective benefit, gain of other coverage, and other administrative events. Enrollment for these events or submission of documentation outside of the normal 31 day window require an appeal to Marathon’s Benefits Service Center for review.

For assistance regarding any of this relief, please reach out to the Marathon Benefits Service Center by calling 1-888-421-2199, Option 1, then Option 3 or email us at benefits@marathonpetroleum.com.

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