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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential, professional help to you and your family members when you have personal, family or work-related concerns. As an MPC employee, you and all members of your household are automatically enrolled in the EAP at no cost to you.

EAP Overview

The EAP is available around-the-clock to provide you with professional counseling, referrals for child/elder care and access to a host of educational resources. Trained counselors can help you with issues such as job stress, alcohol or drug abuse, marital and family difficulties, anxiety or depression, or financial concerns. You and your household members are eligible for up to ten counseling sessions per person, per issue, per year.

The EAP also offers extensive online resources: a comprehensive EAP library, support groups and community resources, educational materials, webinars and self-assessment tools.

LiveHealth Online

You can now use LiveHealth Online to have a video visit with a psychologist or licensed therapist “virtually” anywhere as part of the EAP. If you’re feeling stressed, worried or having a tough time, you can talk to a therapist from your home or wherever you have internet access and privacy. It’s easy to use and, in most cases, you can see a therapist within four days or less. LiveHealth Online use for EAP services is available in all 50 states, including Texas.

Emotional Well Being Resources

Learn to Live

Employees who are eligible for the EAP have access to Learn to Live at no cost. Learn to Live provides digital tools that provide well-being support and addresses key areas such as depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, and substance abuse. Learn to Live’s personalized care modules provide opportunities to engage with clinical coaches, promote skill building, resiliency, and mindfulness.


Employees who are eligible for the EAP for the 10 free counseling sessions, have access to Talkspace. Talkspace is a digital platform that supports behavioral health and emotional wellness needs. Talkspace allows you to work with a dedicated, licensed provider for one-on-one counseling via video chats, text messaging, video messages and provides access to self-guided exercises, such as journaling and meditation. One session generally equals one week of Talkspace access and the ability to send unlimited messages to your counselor, or one completed live video session. Subsequent visits would be billed to the member’s insurance coverage.

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