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What Is Educational Leave

An Educational Leave is an unpaid leave available to employees for the purpose of pursuing further education beneficial to the performance of the employee’s current position, related positions, or a position to which the employee could reasonably expect to attain within the Company upon completion of further education. It is within Marathon’s sole discretion to make these determinations.

Who Is Eligible

All regular full and part-time employees may be eligible to request an Educational Leave. Requesting a leave does not necessarily guarantee approval.

What Forms You Need to Complete

Along with the request form below, please attach additional documentation that supports the Educational Leave.

Coverage in certain benefit plans may be continued upon required approval and if contributions are prepaid. Please refer to Benefit Status for Leaves of Absence for additional information.

Reminder: Please ensure accurate time entry is addressed during any period of Educational Leave. “No Pay” is the correct payroll code during period of unpaid Educational Leave.

Please note: Participation in Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) will be suspended as of the leave commencement date.

Where to Go for Assistance

Active Employees: Did you know employees can now find answers to their Benefits/HR related questions immediately, within Workday? Visit Workday and enter your topic within the search bar at the top of the Workday screen to view related articles.

Can’t find your answer within an article? Workday also provides opportunities for employees to obtain answers by creating cases that are assigned to subject matter experts within MPC, to help answer your questions. To create a case, visit Workday and type “create a case” in the Workday search bar and select “Absences and Leaves” as your case type.

Should you need to speak with someone, please call 1-888-421-2199 and listen for the phone menu option for “leaves”.

Where to Find More Details

Go to www.myMPCbenefits.com and click on “Notices & Plan Documents." Reference the "Educational Leave Policy" and "Benefit Status for Leaves of Absence."

You may also visit Workday and read the Educational Leave article.

No portion of this benefits summary is intended to change the terms of the plans and policies, or the official texts that control them. If there is any inconsistency between this summary and the official texts of the plans and policies, the official texts will prevail.

Updated 01/2020