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Life Insurance


Life insurance contributes to your family’s peace of mind by providing a measure of financial protection in the event of your death. Marathon Petroleum provides you with Basic Life Insurance at no cost to you. We also offer additional Contributory Life Insurance for you and dependent coverage for your spouse and children.

Life Insurance Overview

Your Company-paid Basic Life Insurance coverage is equal to two times your annual pay. This coverage is automatic — you don’t have to enroll, but you do need to designate a beneficiary to receive the benefit in the event of your death.

The plan also allows you to purchase additional coverage of one to six times your annual pay (maximum $2,000,000). You can increase coverage by one times your annual pay each year during the Benefits Open Enrollment period, up to the plan limit. Coverage in excess of $750,000 requires proof of good health.

Note: A separate Level Premium Life Insurance Plan has been closed to new participants since June 1994. If you are enrolled in this plan, you cannot participate in the Age-Based Employee Life Insurance coverage described above.

Dependent Life Insurance

If you participate in optional Employee Life Insurance (either Age-Based or Level Premium), you may also purchase Dependent Life Insurance for your legal spouse and/or eligible children. No proof of good health (e.g., a physical exam) is required. You are the designated beneficiary of Dependent Life Insurance benefits.

  • Spouse Life Insurance: You can elect initial spouse coverage in $10,000 increments, up to a maximum of $50,000. Additional coverage can be elected during Benefits Open Enrollment, in $10,000 increments, up to $100,000.
  • Child Life Insurance: You can elect coverage of $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000. Premiums are a fixed amount regardless of the number of children covered.

The combined total of spouse and child coverage cannot exceed the sum of your Basic Life Insurance plus your Age-Based or Level Premium Life Insurance.

Life Insurance Contributions

Monthly contribution amounts are for regular full-time and regular part-time employees. Rates are determined based on your age and/or your spouse’s age as of December 31.

Contributory Life Insurance Rates (Age-Based Employee and Dependent)
Age Employee Spouse Child
Monthly Cost Per $1,000 of coverage Monthly Cost Per $1,000 of coverage Coverage Cost Per Month
Under 25 $0.031 $0.032 $10,000 $0.89
25 - 29 $0.038 $0.041 $20,000 $1.78
30 - 34 $0.050 $0.053 $30,000 $2.67
35 - 39 $0.059 $0.062    
40 - 44 $0.064 $0.068
45 - 49 $0.095 $0.102
50 - 54 $0.147 $0.156
55 - 59 $0.275 $0.292
60 - 64 $0.424 $0.451
65 - 69 $0.813 $0.865
70+ $1.405 $1.495

Here’s the easy math to calculate your monthly premium:


Conversion and Portability Options

If you leave the Company, you may be eligible to continue your Life Insurance coverage through the MetLife Insurance Company’s conversion and portability options. Should you choose one of these options for continuation of your insurance coverage, you will be purchasing your coverage directly from MetLife. Coverage issued by MetLife for this purpose is not part of any MPC employee benefit plan or employment practice.

If you are interested in converting or porting all or a portion of your lost coverage, you must contact MetLife within 31 days following your retirement or termination.

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