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Marathon Petroleum wants to make it easy for you to manage your benefits and take advantage of the programs available to you. Tip Sheets contain information on things you should consider, along with step-by-step instructions on what you need to do.

Family Changes

A change in your family often means you need to change the dependent coverage under your benefits. You have 31 days to make these changes. These Tip Sheets will walk you through the process.

Job Changes

What happens if you leave the Company? Does relocating affect your benefits? What should you do if you’re ready to retire? There are always points to consider when making a job change, and these Tip Sheets can be your guide.

Employee Programs

To benefit from Marathon Petroleum’s Educational Reimbursement program, you need to understand program requirements and follow instructions carefully.

Leaves of Absence

How and when do you apply for a leave of absence? What forms do you need to complete? What happens to your benefits while on leave? These Tip Sheets help you understand these details.

Travel Assistance

Planning a trip outside the U.S.? The links below include information on how to prepare, what to consider and how to get assistance while traveling.

Inventory Properties


Getting More From Your Benefits

Annual Enrollment Video

Benefits Service Center
Delta Dental
Anthem’s Telehealth
Appointment Service
Express Scripts

Getting More From Your Benefits

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