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6-Month Benefit Extension

All eligible employees being separated due to the Enterprise Transformation including employees at Gallup, NM and Martinez, CA are eligible for a 6-month benefit extension upon separation. Eligible separated employees, whether retirement eligible or not retirement eligible, will receive a 6-month benefit extension for their active Health, Dental and Vision benefits upon separation, at active employee contribution rates. In order to be eligible for this 6-month extension, separated employees must be enrolled in at least one of the benefits at the time of separation.

  • The Health, Dental, and/or Vision benefits in which a separated employee is enrolled will automatically continue upon separation of employment with no lapse in coverage. The same member ID can be used for doctor visits and/or to fill a medication.
  • Separated employees who are enrolled in the Health, Dental, and/or Vision plan at the time of separation will be able to participate in Annual Enrollment (November 1-14) and make new elections for 2021 coverage. (For example, if the separated employee is enrolled only in the Health Plan at the time of separation, the separated employee can enroll in the Dental and Vision Plans during Annual Enrollment, at active employee contribution rates. The Dental and Vision coverage will be effective January 1, 2021 and will continue through the end of the 6-month benefit extension.)
  • The Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) is not part of the 6-month benefit extension. COBRA will be offered for unspent funds upon separation of employment.
  • Separated employees who experience a qualifying event (e.g., birth, marriage, divorce, etc.) during the 6-month benefit extension can make changes/additions to their Health, Dental and/or Vision benefits; the change must be consistent with the life event.
  • Separated employees who are continuing coverage in the Saver HSA Health Plan option in 2021 will not be eligible for the Health Savings Account (HSA) Company contribution.
  • BenefitSolver will bill separated employees during the 6-month benefit extension. Each separated employee is responsible for making timely payments for coverage. You can check your current account status anytime on BenefitSolver’s website, www.mympcbenefits.com/mybenefits (Company Key-MPC). You can view your billing statement, make an online payment, or set up autopay. Account statements are available through BenefitSolver at the beginning of every month. You may also mail in your payment if you prefer. Please print your account statement from BenefitSolver and mail it in with your payment. If you are not able to include the account summary, please note on your check “Marathon Petroleum” and include either your account number (found on your account summary) or the last four digits of your Social Security number. Failure to provide this information may result in delayed processing of your payment or inability to process it entirely.
  • Once the 6-month benefit extension has been exhausted, COBRA will be offered for an additional 18 months under the Plan(s) in which the separated employee was enrolled. Please visit the COBRA page for COBRA contribution rates and other information.
    • After exhaustion of 18 months of federal COBRA benefits, separated employees enrolled in one of the Kaiser options of the Health Plan may be eligible for an 18-month extension through Cal-COBRA.
  • All separated employees have EAP coverage for 3 years following separation of employment, at no cost (a COBRA election is not required for this continued coverage).
  • If you and/or your spouse are age 65 or over at separation, or will turn 65 during the 6- month extension of Health Plan coverage, your Health Plan coverage will become secondary to Medicare (even if not enrolled in Medicare) once you turn age 65.
    • The same is applicable if you have an under age 65 disabled dependent(s) who is eligible for Medicare; Health Plan coverage will be secondary to Medicare.
    • You are encouraged to contact the Social Security Administration (1-800-772-1213) to discuss your individual situation.
  • Separated employees can voluntarily drop coverage in any of the Plans during the 6-month benefit extension. Note: voluntarily dropping coverage results in no offer of COBRA continuation coverage for the Plan in which coverage is dropped.
  • Separated employees who, at separation, would have been eligible for the Marathon Petroleum Retiree Health Plan, Pre-65 Retiree Dental Plan and Pre-65 Retiree Vision Plan absent the 6-month extension in the active plans will be able to enroll in the Retiree Health, Dental and Vision Plans:
    • If coverage in any of the Plans is voluntarily dropped during the 6-month extension; or
    • Once the 6-month extension expires; and
    • Provided enrollment is made with BenefitSolver within 31 days of the termination of active Plan coverage.
  • The death of a separated employee during the continuation period will end eligibility for and participation in the 6-month benefit extension; eligible surviving dependents will be offered COBRA coverage and/or Marathon Petroleum Retiree Health Plan coverage, if eligible.
  • Please review the Leaving the Company Tip Sheet for important information regarding when other benefits coverage will end (i.e., vacation), how to make address updates and more.
  • Please review the What Happens When My 6 Month Benefits Extension Ends FAQ document for important information.


Retirement Eligible

Thrift and Retirement Plan

You need to be at least 50 years old and have 10 years of service to be retirement eligible under the MPC Thrift Plan and MPC Retirement Plan.

IMPORTANT: You may defer your Retirement Plan benefit until 2021 to take advantage of the 0% discount rate. You must let Fidelity know that you plan to defer your Retirement Plan and submit proper paperwork.

Pre-65 Retiree Medical

Refer to the “Benefits Eligibility Information” email you received from the MPC Benefits Service Center for more information on your specific eligibility.

If you are eligible for the Pre-65 Retiree Medical Plan, your cost is determined by your years of service (as indicated by your accredited service date*) after the age of 30. For each quarter of service, employees earn a 1% reduction in the total cost of the Plan, or 4% per year. Your subsidy is included in the “Benefits Eligibility Information” email.

*Please see the Employee Service Plan for more information on accredited service.

You must enroll in pre-65 retiree coverage by logging into BenefitSolver within 31 days, including your retirement date.

Medicare Eligible

If an employee or spouse is over age 65, they must enroll in Medicare. Medicare Request for Employment Verification forms can be completed by sending an email to benefits@marathonpetroleum.com, or SatBenefits@Marathonpetroleum.com for legacy Andeavor employees.

Not Retirement Eligible

Thrift and Retirement Plan

Please see more information under Thrift Plan and Retirement Plan on the Leaving the Company Tip Sheet.


Once the 6-month benefit extension is exhausted, you will be offered COBRA for the coverage in which you were enrolled. Please visit the COBRA page for COBRA contribution rates and other information.