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Tax Form 1095-C: Coming Soon to Your Mailbox

As required by the IRS and Affordable Care Act (ACA), employees who were eligible for MPC Health Plan (Health Plan) coverage in 2019 will receive a tax form known as Form 1095-C. The form will be printed and mailed to your home address, as listed in SAP; or, if you elected to receive the form electronically in the past, you should receive an email from our vendor Tax Form Management with the subject line of Important Tax Return Document Available.

Prepare Your College Student For Life Away From Home

Payflex Flexible Spending Account Unsubstantiated Claims and Eligible Expenses

Employees that had FSAs in 2017 and have been notified of unsubstantiated claims must take action to verify these claims. If you are unable to substantiate all claims by this date, the amount will be treated as taxable income and reported as such on your IRS Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement for 2018.

How to Find an In-Network Medical Provider

Using a doctor or hospital within Anthem’s network can save you money, and in-network providers will file claims on your behalf. Search for network providers online by name, specialty and/or location by logging in to Anthem’s website or using Marathon’s three letter alpha prefix.